Why do you fast? Intermittent fasting diet strategy reasons explained by bodybuilder Sully

Fasting is not magic. It works by the same principles that govern all other diet strategies: energy balance and nutrition.

That said, it’s the easiest strategy for me to maintain a low bodyfat percentage year round. I’ve been intermittent fasting since 2016,
and I can’t see myself going back to the traditional approach any time soon. While there may be “health” benefits to fasting, my primary reasons
are entirely practical.

First, there’s no other strategy that can give you all your time back. This is huge. If you’re into your career or business,
and you need more time, then fasting might be worth a try. Make no mistake – it will be a challenge at first. Once you adapt, however,
you’ll have more time to focus on your work. That’s a massive advantage in any businessperson or entreprenuer’s life.

I walk thru more of my “reasons” in this video.

My current protocol is 22-24 hours daily, with a 48 hour fast 1x/month.

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The Way is Forward.

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