Why Eggs Are Critical In A Bodybuilding Diet by Jim Stoppani

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In this video, Dr. Jim Stoppani explains why eggs are such a critical component to a muscle building/fat loss diet. Plus he gives you one of his favorite egg recipes. (Originally filmed in 2009) Follow all the workouts and exercise programs of Jim Stoppani here on Youtube or at jimstoppani.com Fitness celebrity Dr. Jim Stoppani gives you all the tips you need to have a lean, muscular body in 3 simple steps in his new fitness program 1-2-3 Lean. Stoppani’s methods are proven to work, just ask LL Cool J, Dr. Dre, Chris Pine and Mario Lopez! Jim is also the co-author of the new NY Times Best Selling Fitness and Nutrition book, LL Cool J’s “Platinum 360 Diet and Lifestyle” and the senior site editor for Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, and Muscle & Fitness: Her magazines.

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