ANABOLIC ONE POT *SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE* | High Protein Bodybuilding Meal Prep

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The response to the new healthy anabolic kitchen recipe series was great last time so I think I’m going to give this anabolic kitchen / cooking with scott healthy recipe series a chance on the channel whether it be a healthy low carb, keto, vegan, high protein, low calorie recipe for fat loss or an anabolic kitchen bulking recipe or even a full mealprep for muscle gain, if you have any requests, then just send them in & I’ll get experimenting with some great tasty recipes for fat loss &/or muscle gain alongside my usual vlog/ full day of eating per week.

Anyway, to kick start the healthy recipe anabolic kitchen series we had the insane low calorie healthy fat loss anabolic white chocolate cake recipe –
so I thought i’d go for a more bulking or meal prep recipe, in particular a quick, convenient anabolic meal prep lunch & dinner recipe i.e a healthy one pot pasta bolognese that’s not only tasty, & high protein but also cheap for bodybuilding meal prep on a budget

Correct, whether it’s for fat loss & losing weight or for regular people with busy lives one pot recipes & one pan recipes have become increasingly popular as they require minimum effort & skill yet still taste amazing. Therefore, if cooking isn’t your strongpoint yet you love pasta, this high protein, bodybuilding recipe of a one pot anabolic spaghetti bolognese will change your life. Furthermore, what’s even better about the recipe (other than it being high protein, made in just one pot, tasty & low fat) is that it requires minimal ingredients or meal prep time, is super adaptable & can be cooked & or meal prep on a budget while also being pretty quick to cook requiring only 15-20 minutes.

Anyway, along with the healthy, high protein, low fat, bodybuilding friendly one pot anabolic spaghetti Bolognese recipe that only needs the ingredients & one pan (or one pot) to meal prep, i kept the theme of the recipe video as a whole “different” by taking you to buy all the ingredients, showing you some recipe substitutes & more little fat loss & muscle gain diet hacks or add ons you could do if deciding to meal prep the recipe in bulk during the week to help you lose fat

Anyway, I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking so sit back, relax & enjoy me taking you through a full tutorial of how to make a super tasty, low fat, budget friendly, high protein dinner & lunch anabolic one pot pasta bolognese recipe that’s not only high protein, made in just one pot, tasty & low fat but requires minimal ingredients or meal prep time, is super adaptable & can be cooked & or meal prep on a budget while also being pretty quick to cook requiring only 15-20mins

Trust me when i say though that this healthy anabolic spaghetti bolognese one pot recipe will change your life if your life is as hectic as mine &/or you need anabolic lunch recipes & dinner recipes for meal prep in college or lunch & dinner meal prep in school or for lunch & dinner recipes for home with the kids & family.

The one pot anabolic spaghetti bolognese recipe is perfect for anyone & can fit in as a perfect one pan pasta bolognese recipe alongside your bodybuilding goals whether looking for a fat loss recipe, lean bulking recipe or just an overall one pot anabolic spaghetti bolognese healthy recipe to spice up your usual pasta recipe So if you do try it out then let me know if you like it & tag me in your IG stories like last time

Again, if you want this anabolic kitchen series to continue, let me know by hitting the LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for all kinds of anabolic kitchen recipes coming soon

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