Full Day DIET PLAN for FAT LOSS (ALL MEALS SHOWN !) | Full Day of Eating to Lose Fat Fast

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0:00 Intro
2:58 Meal 1 (Breakfast)
5:54 Meal 2 (Lunch)
8:12 Meal 3 (Pre Workout Meal)
9:23 Post Workout Meal
10:09 Meal 4 (Dinner)

This is a complete Meal plan to lose fat fast. Eating for fat loss is not a complicated process. You need to start with calorie deficit which means you have to burn more calories than what you consume. This is an easy full day diet for fat loss and healthy weight loss.

In order to look aesthetic and look lean you should eat not just to lose weight but lose fat and maintain as much muscle mass a possible. This is why you must focus on consuming a balance of all macronutrients i.e. carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Carbohydrates will give you energy for your workouts, cardio vascular exercise and overall performance in the gym. It will also replenish your glycogen stores which will help maintain your muscle mass and prevent any muscle loss due to calorie deficit.

Proteins on the other hand will make sure you get sustained amino acids for your muscles which is responsible to repair your muscles. If you are not consuming enough protein then it can result in muscle loss and slow down your metabolism which will slow down your fat loss process.

Fats are also an important macronutrient as they are responsible for various metabolic processes in the body and are also responsible for various vitamins which are fat soluble. Also they are responsible in producing important hormones like testosterone which has a huge role to play in building lean muscle and losing fat.

This full day fat loss diet plan is easy to manage and is budget friendly. This full day diet is also full day of eating to lose weight and lose belly fat fast.

Now when it comes to designing a meal plan or a simple diet plan for fat loss you need to remember the following key points :

1. Consume atleast 3 main meals during the day where you have good protein sources with good leucine content since it responsible for muscle protein synthesis which helps you maintain your muscle mass.

2. If you have a busy schedule or you don’t have time for cooking then make sure to prepare your meals in advance.

3. Always measure your foods using a food weighing scale especially if you have never done it before. This will make sure that you don’t overeat or undereat your calories.

Now in this meal plan I have provided easy to prepare and budget friendly meals which almost anyone can afford and manage in their busy lifestyle

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